Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Improvement Programs

Count on the support from our team of professionals to design and implement a customer satisfaction measurement and improvement program.

Three characteristics a customer satisfaction improvement program must have:

  •  Commitment: Commitment from the company's highest hierarchy levels. And support from all the levels.
  •  Relevance: Generate relevant and actionable information.
  •  Relationship with incomes: ROI analysis (Return On Investment) associated to the measures destined to satisfaction improvements.

Employee satisfaction studies

Literature on Management indicates that satisfied employees lead to a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

Use our employee satisfaction measurement tools to take concrete actions in order to improve the satisfaction ecosystem.

Measure the effectiveness of your benefit programs from your employees' point of view.

Special Analyses

Exploratory data analyses enables going beyond the surface, beyond what is evident. It allows you to find underlying relationships and identify specific client segments to reach better insights.

Through our specialized data management team, you may turn that information into knowledge and actions.

  •  Analyze customer profiling and actions related to the improvement of each group's satisfaction.
  •  Understand who are satisfied with the experience and what learnings they leave us with so as to spread it to those whose experience was not an ideal one.


“What is measured, is done; what is rewarded, happens again”

Have you ever wondered what impact some change in the processes or in your branches arrangement would have on your customers?

Together with our team of professionals, you may perform these tests on small groups in order to assess the impact and later replicate it at a higher scale. We will help you set hypothesis and tests with statistical validity.

We will help you take decisions concerning...