Voice Of Customer

This is the main tool to measure customer satisfaction. Understand what perception customers have when linking to a brand or company in all the contact points and processes. What are their expectations and how are these met.
Turn your customers' feedback into knowledge and improvement actions.

  •  A satisfied customer is a customer that spends more, returns and recommends.
  •  Listening to customers allows you to discover improvement opportunities that have not been considered.
  •  For franchises and retail store networks. Monitor your brand value through the eyes of your customers in each of your branches.

Customer Satisfaction
Online Survey

  •  Access your customers through every contact channel. Email, sms, posters, leaflets, QR codes, mobile applications.
  •  State-of-the-art data acquisition technology. Questionnaires optimized for cell phones, tablets and desktops.

Reports based on hierarchy oriented to action and improvements

Different reports according to the type of users. A regional manager does not need to hold the same information than a branch supervisor.

The reports are strongly focused on diagnostics and action.

Online Analytic Dashboard

Count on a strong online tool to analyze the data collected through the surveys.

See evolutions and trends of the different indicators, with the aggregations you may need: region, hierarchical structure, franchised vs owned.

Text Intelligence

By means of their comments, customers provide very valuable insight, although in a badly structured and colloquial way. With a tool that classifies and prioritizes such information, you may obtain essential insights to turn information into action.

See the real-time comments your customers give, and their evolution through time.

Real Time Alerts

Count on a powerful event notification and management system.

Alerts may be triggered by multiple scenarios: the customer writes a certain phrase in a comment, evaluates certain questions in a negative way. The rules are formulated based on their needs, and the alert dissemination is done according to a hierarchical structure.

Benchmarks by industry and region

Through the Opinaia Panel we carry out satisfaction studies within the main industries, and we study the main axes related to satisfaction in the category.

  •  Fast Food Restaurants (Waiting time, Food, Accuracy, Cleanness, Politeness, Price).
  •  Gas Stations (Waiting time, Politeness, Product availability, Cleanness).
  •  Retail (Politeness, Product Availability, Promotions, Atmosphere, Sales, Means of).
  •  Hospitality (Room, Reality vs Expectations, Reception, Cleanness).

Customer Social Monitoring

Facebook - Twitter - YELP - Foursquare - TripAdvisor

Know what your customers are saying in the social media.

Sometimes it is not necessary to ask, just listening is enough.
Use our social monitoring tool to orderly analyze the information your customers express in the social media.
Obtain a categorized view of the comments sorted by their degree of relevance.

Voice of Employee

Literature on Management indicates that satisfied employees lead to a higher degree of customer satisfaction.
Use our employee satisfaction measurement tools to take concrete actions in order to improve the satisfaction ecosystem.

Measure the effectiveness of your benefit programs from your employees' point of view.

Mobile App.
Satisfaction, Loyalty y Geofencing

Through the integration of our Mobile App module, obtain fantastic benefits:

  •  Purchase point responses.
  •  User’s history and their link to the company. Measure the return habit and loyalty.
  •  Analysis of the competition. You may detect when the user interacts with your direct competitors.

CRM and E-commerce Extension API

With our API you may link your CRM or e-commerce system to your tools.

Send satisfaction surveys after a contact with your representatives.
Invite your recent buyers to share their feedback on the purchase process and later delivery.